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Our blogs express an opinion as at the date they are written but statements and views may now be different, for example, due to pension legislation changes. Please contact us if you need any clarification.

What constitutes tangible moveable property in a SIPP or SSAS

Posted on 06/04/2017 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments

Defining what tangible movable property is might be more complex than you think and if owned by the pension scheme would lead to tax charges. We explore what constitutes tangible moveable property and assets that potentially fall into this category; the most notable being any interest in residential property.

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'Baby boomers' in need of retirement planning

Posted on 30/03/2017 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments

'Baby boomers' have now started to, and will, for the next twenty or so years reach the end of their working lives. Britain will have a larger proportion of its population at, or in retirement, than ever before and as this group of individuals reaches retirement, crucial life changing decisions need to be made. However the grasp of an individual’s financial affairs, and in particular pensions and planning for retirement seems to have remained firmly rooted in the past.

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TOGC clarification

Posted on 16/02/2017 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments

With the number of commercial properties being purchased through SIPPs continuing at a high level, it is useful to set out the treatment of Transfers of Going Concern (TOGC) which might impact some potential property investment cases going forward. 

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The Changing World of Retirement Options with Martin Tilley

Posted on 14/10/2016 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments

Hear Martin Tilley, Dentons' Director of Technical Services share his real-world experience at Henry Stewart 'The Changing World of Retirement Options' on 2 November. Use our code for a 10% discount! 

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EPC property ratings changes

Posted on 18/07/2016 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments

Self invested pension providers may have to assess their existing property book under admnistration and will review proposed new properties to ensure they meet new EPC regulations.

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Capital Adequacy should be the low bar

Posted on 06/06/2016 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments

A great deal has been written about the pressures on SIPP providers and their need to meet the new capital adequacy regime which comes into effect on 1st September this year. However, much, if not all of this has focused simply on whether or not a SIPP provider will or will not meet their benchmark minimum requirements.  Intermediaries need to be asking SIPP providers more detailed questions about capital adequacy.

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Avoid costly mistakes from pension freedoms

Posted on 03/05/2016 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments

When pension freedom rules were relaxed in April 2015, allowing anyone over age 55 with a defined contribution pension to withdraw some or all of their pension pot, many people feared the industry would see mass withdrawals. However, these fears have not materialised with evidence from recent analysis suggesting most people are making good decisions most of the time.

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How SIPPs can help taxpayers hit by £10,000 pension limit

Posted on 19/04/2016 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments

By increasing company funded pension provision, higher rate tax payers affected by the tapered annual allowance of £10,000 can put more tax-efficient money into their pensions. 

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Rip off exit fees - but who is being ripped off?

Posted on 21/03/2016 by dpadmin | with 0 comments

Much has been written on exit fees and how they are a rip off. As a result the FCA is currently consulting on the level of exit fees and considering putting a cap on the amount providers can charge. We discuss if it is fair to impose today's pricing on contract terms that were set up a few decades ago.

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To P2P or not P2P?

Posted on 09/03/2016 by Global Administrator | with 0 comments

The basic principles of regulation require a SIPP operator to act in the best interests of its clients. P2P as a SIPP investment could lead to a tax charge. We discuss why.  

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