We would advise that clients seek financial advice before making any investment decisions. Although Dentons will not provide advice on the suitability of investments, we reserve the right to refuse to hold any proposed investment within your scheme.

Asset acceptance

Dentons’ senior management has created an Investment Committee to assess, monitor and control sophisticated and unregulated investments. The Committee conducts an internal investigation, as well as using the services of an external third party, to carry out due diligence and provide detailed investment reports.

This combined due diligence forms the basis of Dentons’ decision making process for accepting or declining certain investments that can be held within the Dentons SIPP or SSAS. Should a proposed investment be judged to be unsuitable, we will always endeavour to give advisers and clients an explanation.

The Committee includes members of senior management, compliance and technical. It meets weekly and continually reviews its practices in light of increasingly sophisticated investments and regulatory good practice.

If you need advice before making any investment decision please contact your own authorised and regulated Financial Adviser.

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