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Other collective vehicles.

Other investment vehicles are often established as Unit Trusts, Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) or other pooled arrangements.

Please complete our proposal form and submit to us.

Meeting the criteria

Genuinely diverse vehicles may be allowed - subject to the following conditions:

  1. The pension scheme - together with associates - directly or indirectly owns 10% or less of the asset. There is no right to have private use of any taxable property.
  2. The pension scheme – together with any connected person - does not hold directly or indirectly:
    • 10% or more of the share capital or issued share capital of the vehicle, or
    • 10% or more of the voting rights of the vehicle, or
    • a right to receive 10% or more of the income of the vehicle, or
    • an interest in the vehicle gives rise to income and gains derived from a specific property of more than 10%.
  3. The vehicle must also meet the following conditions
    • The vehicle must have a value of at least £1 million and hold at least 3 assets directly which can be residential property, none of which has an individual value that exceeds 40% of the total value of the assets
    • If the vehicle is a company it must not be a close company (in other words controlled by five or fewer parties) or the equivalent in its country of residence
    • The vehicle must not have as its main purpose, or one of its main purposes, the direct or indirect holding of an animal or animals used for sporting purposes.

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