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Unquoted equities.

Unquoted - or unlisted - equities are shares of a private limited company which are not traded on a recognised stock exchange, such as the London Stock Exchange.

We will permit investment in UK registered unlisted companies but will not hold investment in overseas unlisted trading companies.

Please note: The unquoted trading company to be invested in must provide at least 3 years' accounts demonstrating a successful trading record. The maximum amount of shares held overall in unquoted trading companies is limited to 50% of the value of the SIPP or SSAS net assets.

Detailed analysis

For UK unquoted equities, it is important to establish whether the proposed share purchase is allowable as a pension scheme investment.

We will assess any proposals in detail before allowing such investments. If the client is considering this type of investment, please complete and return the following form:

Dentons Investment Guidance
Dentons Investment Questionnaire

There are a number of areas where purchases of unquoted shares could involve the pension scheme member(s) or sponsoring employer and the pension fund in substantial tax charges. For example, unquoted equities may be an indirect investment in taxable property, which is not allowed.

Although we make every effort to meet client objectives within their self invested pension investment portfolio, we will not allow any investment to be held that could potentially give rise to tax charges.

Please Note:
The AIM market (Alternative Investment Market) is not regarded as a recognised stock exchange.

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