We have a range of brochures, fact sheets, forms and guides that will help you find out more about self invested pensions and Dentons: please scroll down and click on the relevant tab below.

About Dentons

5 star winner Financial Adviser Service Award

Please review our Investment questionnaires section below and ensure you complete, and submit for approval, any proposed investment forms prior to establishing a SIPP or SSAS with Dentons.

Please also submit any relevant transfer forms with your SIPP application or SSAS proforma as outlined below.

You can now apply for a SIPP ONLINE or you can complete the relevant forms outlined below:

Denton SIPP Due Diligence

Dentons' Permitted Assets

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Please note: A minimum fund value of £50,000 will be required.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Sales & Marketing team or one of our Pension Consultants on 01483 521521.

Dentons SIPP.

Please find below some general information about the Dentons SIPP:

5 Star Service Award

SIPP Brochure

SIPP Key Features

SIPP Fee Schedule

SIPP Due Diligence

To apply for a Dentons SIPP

Please complete the following two documents and return to Dentons along with any relevant supplementary questionnaires and anti-money laundering as outlined in Section 6 of the application form and relevant transfer forms:

1.  SIPP Application form (colour)

(The Member must state their FULL NAME (including middle name(s) if applicable) in all sections of the Declaration of Sub Trust and throughout the application form, eg David Frank Murray. The Declaration of Sub Trust is a legal document therefore please do not use abbreviations such as Dave, or make any alterations.)
Please note: We may require additonal proof of identity for a UK national living abroad or a foreign national - please conatct us for more information.

2.  Mandatory Default Bank Account  (please read the FSCS Information Sheet). Please ensure that all details are fully completed especially on Section 5 to include occupation, and on Section 10, to include middle names (if applicable).
For Direct Clients only: a cheque for £420 to cover the establishment charge (made payable to 'Dentons Pension Management Limited') is required.

Please note: You, or your client, can now complete an application form online.

Other forms if required

Please also see the Transfers and Investment questionnaires section for additional forms that may be required.

Employer’s Contribution Schedule

Form of nomination

Dentons SIPP Trust Deed and Rules

Financial Adviser Remuneration form

Dentons SSAS.

Please review the general SSAS literature below and complete the relevant forms for a new or takeover SSAS:

SSAS Brochure

SSAS Terms of Business

SSAS Fee Schedule

SSAS Due Diligence

Permitted Assets

Please review our Investment questionnaire section to ensure you complete, and submit for approval, any relevant investment form(s) prior to establishing your SSAS with Dentons.

Other forms, if applicable:


Statement for certification of Sophisticated & HNW investors - for complex or alternative investments, including hedge funds, UCIS, futures and warrants

Dentons SSAS Non Standard Investment Declaration - required for all non-standard investments

Dentons SSAS Loans to a Sponsoring Employer


Please read the New SSAS establishment procedure document and complete New SSAS Pro formas and return to Dentons.

Takeover SSAS

Please read the SSAS Takeover Guide; complete the following Proforma and return to Dentons:

SSAS Takeover Guide

SSAS Takeover Questionnaire


Acceptance of safeguarded benefits transfers (including defined benefit/final salary)

Before accepting a transfer from a scheme with safeguarded benefits into a Dentons SIPP or SSAS we require confirmation that a suitably qualified financial adviser has recommended that the client makes the transfer, along with details of the name and company of the person who has provided this recommendation. Our 'Transfers from schemes offering safeguarded benefits' form must be fully completed and accompany your SIPP or SSAS application. We are only able to process a safeguarded benefits transfer when we are in receipt of the fully completed application forms, including the above. From the date of receipt, we will require a minimum of 7 working days prior to the transfer expiry deadline.

Transfers from schemes offering safeguarded benefits - SIPP

Transfers from schemes offering safeguarded benefits - SSAS

Transfer information and request form - SIPP

Transfer information and request forms - SSAS

Transfer Declaration and Information - SIPP (for existing schemes)

Transfer Declaration and Information - SSAS (for existing schemes)

Investment questionnaires - SIPP and SSAS.

If you are considering one of the following investments please download, complete and return the form to us for prior approval.

Commercial Property:

Dentons Commercial Property Questionnaire

Dentons Commercial Property Guide

Shares in, or a loan to, an unquoted UK company OR shares or units in a collective investment scheme:

Dentons Investment Guidance

Dentons Investment Questionnaire

Statement for Certification of Sophisticated  & High Net Worth individuals - for hedge funds, unregulated collective investment schemes, futures and warrants, please complete and submit this form before we carry out the relevant asset due diligence.

Non-standard Investment Declaration  - SIPP - required for all non standard investments

Non-standard Investment Declaration - SSAS - required for all non standard investments

Please note:
From 1 September 2017 we will no longer allow direct individual accounts or stockbroker accounts to trade in foreign exchange (FX) or contracts for difference (CFDs) within out Dentons SIPP or SSAS portfolios.

We will, however, continue to accept these investments as part of a collective investment scheme or a portfolio with an FCA regulated discretionary fund manager, subject to approval by the Dentons Investment Committee. Investments in FX, CFDs, Futures and Warrants will be limited to 50% of the SIPP or SSAS fund value and are available ONLY to sophisticated or high net worth clients.