Buying commercial property with other parties


Dentons has gained a well-earned reputation for its expertise and understanding of administering commercial property within self invested pensions.

We provide a flexible arrangement to allow purchase of commercial property either outright, as an ‘in-specie’ transfer from another pension scheme, or jointly with other parties.

Joint property purchases do not require each participant to Joint property purchases do not require each participant to have an equal interest in the property, so the arrangement has become more frequent because of its flexibility and increases in commercial property prices.

To purchase a commercial property with other parties, we propose the use of a Declaration of Trust, which we outline in our leaflet Joint Property Transactions.

In addition, our Staggered Joint Property case study demonstrates how a commercial property can be purchased through one or more Dentons SIPPs over a number of years.

If you’d like to find out more about how Dentons can help you or your clients benefit from investing in commercial property within a self invested pension, please contact us.