Contributions for tax year end reminder


With the tax year end just over two weeks away, on Friday 5 April, clients looking to make contributions to their SIPP for the current tax year (2018/19), must have established a Dentons SIPP and provided a valid means of payment to Dentons main office in Godalming, by 5 April.

Payments by cheque must be correctly made payable to the client's SIPP e.g. ‘Dentons SIPP J J Bloggs’.

For payments by bank transfer, the SIPP’s default Cater Allen bank account must be open to receive funds.

We therefore request that where a client wants to establish a new Dentons SIPP to accept a contribution for the current tax year (2018/19), the SIPP is established no later than Friday 29 March 2019.

As ever, our Sales Support team will be pleased to review any scanned SIPP applications prior to sending us all the relevant forms and anti-money laundering information. This will ensure that the applications will be acceptable upon receipt, preventing a delay in processing.

If you need to speak to us urgently, please contact the Sales Manager that operates in your area or call 01483 521521.