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A principal feature of the Dentons SIPP is the flexilibity it provides when it comes to investment options. An extensive range of opportunities is listed below: please click on the tabs for more detailed information.

A minimum fund value of £50,000 is required.

Standard assets.

We consider the following investments to fall under the category of 'standard'. A minimum fund value of £50,000 is required.

Funds and Equities

  • Stocks and shares listed or dealt in on any HMRC recognised stock exchange, including: - equities, fixed interest securities issued by governments or other bodies, debenture stock and other loan stock, warrants (for equities), permanent interest bearing shares and convertible securities
  • Alternative Investment Market (AIM): we treat AIM stocks in the same way as for unlisted shares: please complete the relevant form
  • Equities traded on a recognised overseas stock exchange
  • Insurance company managed funds and unit-linked funds
  • Corporate bonds quoted on a recognised Stock Exchange
  • FCA recognised offshore funds
  • Futures and options, traded on a recognised futures exchange
  • Trustee investment bonds
  • Authorised unit trusts that do not hold residential property
  • Shares in investment trusts
  • Authorised Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICS)

Please view a list of some pre-approved investment managers.

For the following investments you must be able to evidence that you are a sophisticated investor or high net worth individual: please complete our form. Please also supply us with details of the proposed investment for our review:

  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • Foreign exchange


UK commercial property or land would usually be treated as a standard asset but more complex properties may be considered non-standard.

Deposit accounts

  • Deposit accounts with any authorised financial institution


  • Endowment policies traded by an FCA regulated person (TEPs)
  • Deposit accounts
  • Borrowing for any purpose
  • Depositary Interests (including CREST Depositary Interests
  • Individual Pension Accounts (IPAs)
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Investment Grade gold bullion (subject to conditions)
  • National Savings and Investments products
  • Second hand endowment policies via a recognised dealer

Non-standard assets.

Dentons has a very robust due diligence process for the acceptance of all non-standard assets. Dentons will require comprehensive information and to approve the following assets, before they can be held within a Dentons SIPP.

Please click on the link below, complete and submit to Dentons the relevant form or supply the information as outlined below.

Funds and equities

UK unlisted shares

SIPP Non Standard Investment Declaration

Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes: please also complete our High Net Worth statement

Hedge Funds - please provide details


Commercial property can be treated as a standard or non-standard asset. Property investments that are likely to fall into non-standard include more complex arrangements, those with multi partners and where mortgage lending may be involved. In these cases the ability to sell or transfer the property within the 30 day FCA deadline is unlikely.


For the following we will investigate each individual asset or investment to ensure that it complies with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) rules and will not be subject to tax charges within the Plan.

Unacceptable assets.

Although we always aim to be as flexible as possible enabling clients to take advantage of a wide range of investment opportunities, there are some investments that we do not accept within our SIPP and SSAS:

  • Residential property
  • Commodities
  • Overseas unquoted equities
  • Off-plan hotel rooms
  • Bed & Breakfast units
  • Loans to members or persons connected with a member
  • Investments considered to be personal chattels
  • Carbon credits
  • Cloud lending
  • Land banking
  • Storage pods
  • Any taxable moveable property

Please note: This list is not definitive. If you've got a specific investment in mind then please talk to us. We'll do what we can to make it happen. All non standard investments are considered on a case by case basis, however if any are declined we will always give a clear explanation as to why.

If you have any queries as to whether Dentons will accept an investment, please contact us.


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