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Our Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) puts your
clients in charge of investment decisions.

Control and flexibility.

We are expert SSAS providers. A SSAS is an occupational pension scheme that gives its members considerable flexibility and control over the investment policy and underlying assets.

With a Dentons' SSAS the members and Dentons' Professional Trustee company will together be the scheme administrator. All members are initially appointed as member trusteees by the sponsoring employer, in addition to the Professional Trustee.

Intelligent structure


While it’s subject to the same rules regarding contributions and benefits as an insured company arrangement, a SSAS is much more flexible and gives control of the underlying scheme assets to the trustees.

It is usually limited to a maximum of 11 members who are likely to be directors or key employees of a company – which is known as the ‘sponsoring employer’.

The assets of a SSAS do not belong to any particular member of the scheme due to the collective nature of the trust: the members, as trustees, will jointly control the scheme and its investments.

Please read our SSAS Employers Guide for more information.

How we can help


As your SSAS provider we supply all of the necessary paperwork to establish, or takeover the SSAS, to register the scheme with H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and set up the initial bank account.

We can then provide a full range of administration services – including those of the Scheme Administrator – as required by HMRC:

  • Reporting events relating to the Scheme and the Scheme Administrator to HMRC
  • Making returns of information to HMRC
  • Providing statutory information to scheme members and others regarding the lifetime allowance, benefits and transfers

Please Note: HMRC can impose fines for failing to adhere to its requirements.

Our skilled Pension Consultants – who are backed by a team of dedicated administrators – work with you and your clients on a one-to-one basis to ensure the SSAS meets expectations. 

SSAS takeover


We tailor our approach to meet you and your client’s specific needs and will also be happy to discuss the takeover of existing schemes.

View our SSAS Takeover case study.

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