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For a full breakdown of the Dentons SSAS, please read our SSAS Employer’s Guide.

To find out more about Dentons, please also view our SSAS Due Diligence document.


Establishment for a new SSAS documentation is bespoke:

SSAS takeover

For SSAS takeovers, please print both of the following documents and complete the SSAS Takeover Questionnaire:

Completed forms

Once the relevant forms have been completed, please return them to Dentons Pension Management Limited, Sutton House, Weyside Park, Cattleshall Lane, Godalming, Surrey,  GU7 1XE.

You can also fax them to us on 01483 521515 or email

Upon receipt of the completed forms we will provide you with all of the documentation needed to establish the SSAS.

Please note: Acceptance of transfers of safeguarded benefits (including from defined benefit/final salary schemes)
Before accepting a transfer from a scheme with safeguarded benefits into a Dentons SSAS we require confirmation that a suitably qualified financial adviser has recommended that the client makes the transfer, along with details of the name and company of the person who has provided this recommendation. Our 'Transfers from schemes offering safeguarded benefits' form must be fully completed and accompany the Member's SSAS application. We are only able to process a safeguarded benefits transfer when we are in receipt of the fully completed Member application form(s), including the above form. From the date of receipt, we will require a minimum of 7 working days prior to the transfer expiry deadline.


If you need any help completing the forms, please contact Sales & Marketing on 01483 521521.