It is essential that all visitors, clients and staff to the office adhere to the following decisions being made by the company and the actions being taken. 

1. We will not be holding any client meetings in the office unless prior agreement is given by a senior member of staff. Wherever possible we would prefer a conference call to be used instead of face-to-face meetings. In the event of a meeting needing to take place, we will only hold this in Meeting Room 1 on the ground floor. On leaving the meeting this room will be sanitised before being used again. Masks will be provided if you do not have one and you will be required to wear it at all times whilst on the premises.

2. We are operating a one-way system around the whole office to avoid staff coming face-to-face with other members of staff. New signs will be clearly placed around the building showing which way staff should go.  The main stairs from reception will be used to go up and the back stairs to go back down.  On leaving the office at the end of the day staff will use the back stairs to exit the building. All doors will be clearly marked and no fire doors will be kept open at any time.

3. Only one member of staff at any one time will be allowed in each of the kitchens and they will not be permitted to make drinks for other staff members for the time being.

4. Toilets have new signs saying IN USE / VACANT, this is so that only one person at a time can use the toilets. We remind all staff and visitors to remember to thoroughly wash their hands before leaving the toilet and to change the sign to vacant ready for the next person.

5. All restrooms are out of use until social distancing ceases.

6. The lift is also out of bounds, other than for deliveries to be moved to another floor to avoid carrying up the stairs.

7. There will be no 'hot desking' or using another member of staff’s phone.

8. Anti-bacterial wipes and sprays are placed by each scanner/photocopier and these must be wiped down after each use.

9. The air conditioning will remain off at all times; all areas have opening windows so the office can be kept well ventilated. 

10. In the evening, staff will leave the post in reception for collection from the postman to avoid movement around the building.

11. No personal items will be allowed to be delivered to the office until further notice.

12. Crockery that has been used will be placed in the dishwasher immediately after use.

13. Bags used to collect shredding will be collected from Reception.

14. Lids on bins have been removed to avoid staff and visitors having to touch them.

15. The office is being deep cleaned each evening by the cleaners and all door handles, light switches, stair banisters, key pads, scanner/photocopiers are being sanitised every morning.

16. Most staff are now working back in the office which has been adapted to ensure staff work 2 metres away from the nearest person, and markers will be around the office to help keep the 2m distancing at all times. 

17. Any member of staff contacted by Track and Trace to confirm they have been in contact with someone that has tested positive will be made to self isolate for 14 days.

18. Any member of staff showing signs of Coronavirus will be asked to stay at home until they get their test results. If the results are positive they must self isoalte for 10 days from the date of the test. If the results are negative, they are expected to return to work. All areas will be sanitised accordingly.

19. Every time staff leave their office area and enter a communal area they MUST either wash their hands or use the hand sanitiser before going back into any office area.

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