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Death benefits.

Our self invested pension plans aren't just there to help clients plan for their future. They are also designed to provide support for their families if they die.

Providing for others.

In the event of a client’s death, the way their fund is treated will depend upon their age.

The following death benefit options apply:


Member’s age at date of death

Options at date of death


Pre age 75


Payments to the member’s nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries

FREE of tax whether taken as a lump sum or income*

Age 75 and over 

Payments to the member’s nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries 

Subject to income tax at the beneficiary’s marginal rate of tax


* Provided the lump sum payment or designation of funds for income is made within 2 years of the member's death.

Lifetime Allowance
The lifetime allowance (LTA) still applies to uncrystallised funds on death pre-age 75, so a LTA charge will apply if benefits exceed the deceased’s personal lifetime allowance.

Cascading benefits
In the event that nominated beneficiaries die whilst receiving benefits payable from the fund (following the member's death) it may be possible for the benefits to continue to cascade to additional beneficiaries until the fund has been liquidated. The tax treatments of cascading benefits will depend upon the age at death of the pension holder. This gives the potential for clients to pass pension funds down through generations with the funds remaining invested in a tax privileged environment.

In the event of a minor (someone under 18 years old) being nominated as a beneficiary, Denton & Co Trustees Limited along with the guardian of the minor will act as the trustees until the child comes of age. Any income generated by the Plan would be paid to the child tax free. Unless the guardian is an independent financial adviser, investment decisions would be delegated to an IFA.

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