Terms and conditions of the Dentons Pension Management Ltd online access for Advisers

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This portal allows you to access information about your individual active clients' Self Invested Personal Pension plans.

Any reference to Dentons in this document shall be read to mean Dentons Pension Management Ltd.

User access level

You have been granted access for one of the following levels:

If your user access type is individual adviser, you will only be able to see details of your own introduced clients.

If you user access type is Company level, View all address schemes, this will enable you to see all clients held at a specific company address, not just those that you have introduced.

If you user access type is Company level, View all Company schemes, this will enable you to see all clients held across all addresses listed for your company, not just those that you have introduced.

Provision of the Service 

  1. You agree that use of the Dentons online service is subject to these terms and conditions, including use of your username and password. 
  2. Dentons reserves the right to withdraw or amend the online service at any time without notice. We will not be liable should the service be unavailable at any time however Dentons will endeavour to provide you with sufficient notification of any amends that may affect access to the site. 
  3. Should you no longer be an adviser for a specific client, you must notify us within 24 hours and we will remove your access to their details. We will also immediately remove access to specific client details upon Dentons receiving instruction in writing from the client.  
  4. You confirm that you are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to any regulated advice given to the client.  
  5. You confirm that you will act professionally and honestly in all activities in relation to the information provided on this site and comply with the rules and regulations that apply. 
  6. You are responsible for providing and maintaining any equipment and software that you may need to access this site. All costs incurred in the use of this site are at your own expense. 
  7. You confirm that you agree to the use of cookies as outlined in our e-Privacy and Cookie statement.
  8. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the online access without notice and we will not be liable for any reason if the site is unavailable for any length of time. 
  9. Dentons may amend these terms and conditions at any time. If we make amendments to the terms and conditions for use of this site, you will be notified when you log into the site.  
  10. Clicking the ‘I Accept’ button will assume that you agree to the terms and conditions of the site each time you access it. You should ensure that you read the terms each time you log on to the site to ensure you are in agreement with their contents. 

Use of your login detail

  1. Your login details must be kept safe and confidential from external sources at all times.  
  2. You must take all necessary steps to ensure that no other person is permitted to gain access to this site by using your login details, unless you specifically grant permission to a nominated person within your company.   
  3. This site can only be used for viewing information about your own clients and for creating illustrations for new and existing clients where access has been provided.  
  4. If you become aware of, or suspect, any unlawful or unauthorised use of your login details, you must change your password and inform Dentons within 24 hours. If you fail to notify Dentons within the specified time frame, Dentons will not be liable for any losses, costs, liabilities or expenses that you, or any other person, may suffer or incur as a result of such breach.  
  5. Should you access, or attempt to access information relating to any other individual, you may be in breach of Data Protection legislation. Dentons will withdraw your permission to access the site and may take legal action.

Indemnification and limitation of liability

  1. You must inform us if there is a change in your circumstances, such as if you leave your company or no longer have responsibility for managing or advising either individual clients or the scheme as a whole. Dentons will not be liable if you have not informed us of any advisers change in circumstances.  
  2. You shall indemnify Dentons from and against all reasonable losses, costs, liabilities or expenses arising from any breach of these terms and conditions by you. You will not be liable if these are caused by Dentons negligence, wilful default or fraud.  
  3. You accept full responsibility for monitoring your login to the site. You agree to notify Dentons immediately in writing if you become aware of any inaccurate information provided to you via the online portal relating to you or your clients’ account balances, records or assets, money held or transaction history or any other information relating to you or your clients.  
  4. Dentons aims to achieve maximum accuracy of the information that is displayed at all times but Dentons cannot be held liable for inaccuracy, errors or omissions in the information provided, save for those caused by our wilful default or negligence.  
  5. The scheme valuation total displayed on the Asset page is the sum of several asset valuations made over different times. This is an indicative valuation only and may not represent the actual scheme valuation at a particular date.  
  6. Some information on the site is provided by third parties, such as asset valuations, and Dentons cannot be held liable where this information is inaccurate or not up to date.  
  7. Dentons makes no undertaking and takes no responsibility that the online portal will be accessible at all times.

Ongoing communication

  1. Please ensure that you inform us of any change to your email address so that we can maintain up-to-date communication with you.  
  2. If you have any comments about this site, please contact our Marketing Department on 01483 521521 or write to:  

Dentons Pension Management Limited
Sutton House
Catteshall Lane

Use of this site is at all times subject to these Terms. By clicking ‘I agree’ you are agreeing to these terms for use of this site.