As one of the UK's leading specialist providers and administrators of self invested personal pensions (SIPPs) and small self administered schemes (SSASs), Dentons celebrating the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Dentons SIPP, back in 1996.

25 years on, Dentons Pensions has over 90 employees, in excess of 7,800 SIPPs, £4.98 billion in SIPP assets under administration and over 2,000 commercial properties that are administered on behalf of SIPP clients.

David Fox, Director of Sales & Marketing commented:
"It's amazing to see how the world of SIPPs, and indeed the world around us, have changed since we launched our Dentons SIPP back in 1996. What was once a niche product designed for high net worth clients is now viewed by many as mainstream. The concept of a SIPP was initially unveiled in 1989 by the then Chancellor, Nigel Lawson, (whose tenure as Chancellor did not extend quite to 1996) and since then, a number of key events have seen the growth in popularity. These include the introduction of income drawdown in 1995, pensions A-day in 2006 and the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015."

1996 was an interesting year for more than just the launch of the Dentons SIPP.

  • The average house price in  the UK was £105,327, today it is £262,954
  • The average salary was £13,777, last year it was £31,461
  • Braveheart won the best film at the Oscars
  • Richard Krajicek and Steffi Graf won the singles at Wimbledon
  • Germany won Euro 1996
  • A freddo was 10p
  • The most watched TV programme was Only Fools and Horses Christmas special

Some things have not stood the test of time quite as well as Dentons SIPP over the past 25 years:

  • Tamagotchi
  • Jackanory
  • The Spice Girls

David add: "Whilst Mr Lawson's public profile has been replaced by his daughter's culinary talents, the SIPP concept he introduced, and Dentons SIPP product in particular, have stood the test of time - despite some headwinds along the way. As a success story within the industry, Dentons aims to attract good quality bespoke and Single Portfolio SIPPs by continually investing in our systems and in our staff to create a best of breed SIPP which has a proven reputation for providing advisers and their clients with industry leading service standards. Sharing, as we do, a 25th anniversary with the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" chart hit, it seems appropriate to note that our SIPP continues to deliver whereas the Girls as a quartet group didn't quite reach their silver anniversary."