Intelliflo's Intelligent Office

If you are a financial adviser and you have an Intelliflo Intelligent Office account, please follow these quick and free installation instructions. 

We are working in partnership with Intelliflo's Intelligent Office business management software to become the first bespoke self invested personal pensions (SIPP) provider to offer an integrated SIPP valuation service to Intelliflo's iO Store™. Intelligent Office is a technology system which integrates with key fund managers, product and tool providers in the UK financial services market to bring an adviser's back office administration into one area.

The Intelligent Office system offers significant benefits to financial advisers and their clients. To add the Dentons' SIPP valuation service to Intelliflo's client portal, the Personal Finance Portal (PFP), a FREE download from iO Store™ is all that is needed. This will then provide more accurate and instantly available client SIPP information, helping advisers in their overall planning and reporting for clients. Please read our Terms and Conditions.


E-signature acceptance

For some time Dentons Pensions has been using e-signatures on many of its documents*, which has proven to be of considerable value especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Advisers can be notified when a client has signed a document which can then automatically be sent to third parties for signing, where required. This has the benefit of not only removing the need for sending paper copies of documents but also helps to significantly speed up the overall application process.
*Please note: our Sub-Trust for the full asset SIPP (Dentons SIPP) does not accept e-signatures.

Online SIPP Application

We have seen a significant increase through the completion and submission of online SIPP applications.

An additional valuable part of our service that we offer to advisers and clients is to check the application details before submitting it to us so we can ensure all the relevant information has been supplied - both avoiding errors and saving time for advisers and clients. 

Online portal - Advisers & Clients

Our online portal for advisers and clients enables them to see an overview of the SIPP plan details including: up-to-date valuations through numerous Discretionary Fund Managers and platform daily downloads, access to bank statements, contributions made during the current tax year and each tax year from 2017/18, transfer into and out of the plan and benefits taken. In addition, the ability to view all Plan documentation including bank statements, trust deeds, benefit reviews and annual statements as well as a range of general SIPP documents such as fee schedules, key features and terms of business.

If advisers have more than one SIPP client, they'll find a dashboard showing all their accounts in alphabetical order alongside the cash account balances for each client. Advisers can also create illustrations for clients or download our illustration request document and email this to our enquiries inbox for us to complete.

Webinar presentations

We recognise that Covid-19 has changed the way many people now work and will continue to work, maybe indefinitely. As a result we have presented key topical pension information through a range of webinars to help advisers with messages that can be used at any time.  If you'd like to be informed of future webinars that we offer, please get in touch.

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