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Pension Contributions.

A guide to permitted contribution allowances, lifetime allowance protections and tax relief.
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Death benefits.

How a SIPP can support a family even after the scheme member has passed away.
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Online developments.

We've always worked hard to use the latest technology to enable advisers and clients to have instant online access to the most up-to-date investment valuations and SIPP client information, wherever possible, and to streamline processes through the use of online platforms.
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Retirement options.

These include capped drawdown, flexi-access drawdown, uncrystallised funds pension lump sums (UFPLS) and phased benefits.
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Genuinely diverse commercial vehicles.

This includes Unit Trusts, Open Ended Investment Companies and other pooled arrangements.
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Taxable property.

Apart from some very specific exceptions, SIPP and SSAS schemes are not permitted to invest in taxable property, directly or indirectly.
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Unauthorised payments.

A payment by a SIPP or SSAS that is not authorised is an ‘unauthorised payment’ and is likely to give rise to tax charges on the member(s) and the pension scheme (via the Scheme Administrator), and in the case of a SSAS, the sponsoring employer. There will also be a tax charge where a pension scheme exceeds the borrowing limit.
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Webinars & short SIPP/SSAS videos.

In this section we have compiled the recordings of our popular webinars on a range of self invested personal pension (SIPP) and small self administered scheme (SSAS) subjects.
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