With the end of the tax year coming up on the horizon, our last day of the current tax year will be Tuesday 5 April 2022. We would therefore like to remind you of our requirements for:

Your checklist Where and when to send it

Establishing a new SIPP:

I've completed the application form fully and enclosed supporting documents

To save time, you can use our online application to upload and securely submit the application form and any supporting documents. Alternatively, you can send the completed application form and supporting documents by scan to:
  • enquiries@dentonspensions.co.uk
Or by post to:

Sales Support
Sutton House
Weyside Park
Catteshall Lane

We must receive applications by post by Friday 25 March 2022.

When submitting a Dentons SIPP the Sub-Trust must be completed with wet ink signatures.
SIPP contributions by bank transfers. We recommend your client makes the single contribution by bank transfer, using the following details:

Account holder: Dentons SIPP J J Bloggs
Sort code: 00-00-00
Account number: 00000000
Bank: Cater Allen Private Bank

Contributions must be processed by Tuesday 5 April 2022.
SIPP contributions by cheques Please send the cheque to:

Sales Support
Sutton House
Weyside Park
Catteshall Lane

We must receive this by Tuesday 5 April 2022.

Establishing a new SIPP.

If you are looking to establish a new SIPP, our Sales Support team can generally set one up within seven working days. Therefore, where a client wishes to establish a Dentons’ SIPP to accept a BACS contribution for the current tax year (2020/21), the SIPP needs to be established no later than Monday 28 March 2022 and the contribution paid by 5 April 2022.

Contributions can also be accepted by cheque and these are counted on the day they are received as long as we receive a fully completed SIPP application and supporting documents.

Our Sales Support team are available to review any scanned SIPP applications before sending us all the relevant forms, Cater Allen Bank Mandate and anti-money laundering identity verification documents. This will help ensure that all applications can be processed upon receipt, thereby preventing a delay in establishing the new SIPP. 

To apply for a new SIPP, you can:

SIPP contributions. 

Clients who have an existing Dentons SIPP, and who wish to make a contribution before the tax year-end, must ensure that payments are received by Dentons by Tuesday 5 April.

  • Please remember that the tapered annual allowance came into effect on 6 April 2016 and clients might be affected by the taper depending on their threshold and adjusted earnings figures each year since then. In addition, please also bear in mind that other factors might limit the amount of tax-relievable pension contributions that can be paid e.g. the Money Purchase Annual Allowance, pensionable earnings, etc. 
  • Payments by cheque must be made payable to the client's SIPP e.g. Dentons SIPP J J Bloggs
  • For payments by bank transfer, the client’s SIPP default Cater Allen bank account must be open to receive funds
  • Where a SIPP member has enhanced protection and any form of fixed protection (2012,2014 & 2016) and makes a contribution they will lose their protection. 

For more information on your pension contributions please speak to your Financial Adviser.