HMRC can refuse to grant a new scheme registered status if it believes the Scheme Administrators are not 'fit and proper' persons and and can withdraw the scheme’s registered status if it has reason to believe that any of the parties making up the Scheme Administrator do not meet the criteria.

For a full breakdown of the Dentons SSAS, please read our SSAS Employer’s Guide.

To find out more about Dentons, please also view our SSAS Due Diligence document.


Documentation for establishment of a new SSAS is bespoke: please view our process document, then print off and complete the required information form.
  View all SSAS downloads.


SSAS takeover

For SSAS takeovers, please print both of the following documents and complete the SSAS Takeover Questionnaire:
  View all SSAS downloads.

Once the relevant forms have been completed, please return them to Dentons Pension Management Limited, Sutton House, Weyside Park, Cattleshall Lane, Godalming, Surrey,  GU7 1XE. You can also scan them to us and email

Upon receipt of the completed forms we will provide you with all of the documentation needed to establish the SSAS.

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